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Trusted Advisers to Growing Businesses
Reliable | Passionate | Innovative

Wealth Management

Private Client Management Services

JM offers comprehensive wealth management services to our high net worth clients around the world. Private Client Management services concentrate on providing specialist personal tax advice to individuals with higher than average income, assets and financial resources or particularly difficult tax profiles, for example people from overseas living in the UK.

In addition to traditional wealth management services, Private Wealth Management advisory team helps clients better manage and protect their finances with a wide variety of domestic and international tax advice and with our partners offer tailored investment advice that helps you manage your wealth in the most effective way.

Our clients are a wide range of individuals that recognise and value our services. They include the employed and self-employed, high earners from commerce and industry, as well as Members of Parliament, entertainment personalities and professional sportsmen and women. We can also count many leading members of the legal, medical, architectural and insurance professions among our clients.

As you would expect, the personal, high-quality services we provide are strictly private and confidential to the individuals we advise. We aim to inspire and earn their confidence through proven expertise, a full understanding of their needs and by taking the mystery and anxiety out of tax management.

Advice on Islamic Finance

Islamic Finance is one of the fastest growing sectors is the financial world and is a niche market. Together with our Private Client Management Service we provide our clients with tailored Islamic Finance advice.

The Islamic Finance industry is estimated to be worth about $1 trillion and is dominated by the issuance of Islamic bonds, or sukuk. Growth, however, has been held back by a shortage of expertise and poor harmonisation of the criteria applied to products.

The market for Islamic Finance reached nearly 30 per cent in 2007, and reports carried out by a number of well known consultancy houses such as McKinsey & Co, expect the market to grow to be in the region of $2 trillion by 2012.

Islamic products must be endorsed by scholars able to interpret sharia law and understand the technicalities of financial products. We at JM work closely with the Islamic Finance Council (IFC) and Islamic scholars to understand the principles of Islamic products and how these can be applied to transactions that are based in the UK, Internationally and in the day to day commercial world.

Our approach to this sector incorporates all aspects of advice that is required to respond to the unique opportunities as well as issues facing technology companies today.

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