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Trusted Advisers to Growing Businesses
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VAT registration and de-registration

Filing out tax forms can be daunting process at the best of times and in particular for those who have not dealt with VAT. The first questions any business should be asking itself are:

  • What is VAT or to give it’s full name Valued Added Tax
  • Do I even need or when should I be registered for VAT
  • How do I go about registering for VAT
  • What are my VAT obligations

If you are applying for VAT registration, group registration or even de-registering from VAT, we can help you prepare and submit the necessary forms. As part of our service we monitor the progress of these forms with HM Customs and Excise on your behalf and ensure the process is smooth.


From 1 April 2017, the threshold for registration increased to £85,000 from £83,000 and is based on the annual taxable turnover. A legal person which makes taxable supplies has to apply to register for VAT and then make periodic quarterly VAT returns. They may apply to register before commencing business but must apply to register (later) within thirty days of the turnover threshold being exceeded.

The de-registration threshold from 1 April 2017 is £83,000 increased from £81,000 and determines whether a person may apply for deregistration. The existing conditions for determining registration and deregistration remain unchanged.