Trusted Advisers to Growing Businesses
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Trusted Advisers to Growing Businesses
Reliable | Passionate | Innovative

Family Office

Specialist Tax Advisers and Accountants for Family Businesses

At JM, we understand the unique issues faced by all types of family businesses. Working closely with these businesses has allowed us we to have helped to identify, address and solve the conflicts that often arise between business and family.

We focus on advising family owned businesses and the families behind them. There is no such thing as a typical client and we have worked with businesses from all over the globe, from diverse sectors, generations and cultures. Our clients range from first generation businesses with one shareholder to multi-generational businesses with numerous shareholders.

Since we are independent and with no family ties or interests in the family businesses we advise, we can act independently and our experience can provide you with valuable hindsight of others’ to avoid making mistakes other may have made.

We work very closely with our clients to enable them to find the most positive way forward. We work to facilitate discussion between the family and the business, helping to clarify the boundaries of each and allowing individuals to better understand their roles, responsibilities and privileges.

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